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Here are a few links to read as you suffer through Game 2 of C*ltics-L*kers.

But first: Did anybody else catch the throwback 1963 C*ltics-L*kers game on ESPN Classic last night? I never quite realized how quick Jerry West was off the dribble.  The man was getting to the rim (ok, a spot approximately 2-3 feet below the rim) at will.  Looking like the White Iverson. Second thought: ball control was totally different back in the day.  It seemed like there was a turnover 2 out of every 5 possessions and the coaches and fans barely reacted.  Somebody buy Jarrett Jack a time machine-- he too could be a Hall of Famer.  Last thought: what's up with Tommy Heinsohn wiping his nose during his foul shooting technique? Just bizarre.  Somebody needs to bring that one back... it was twice as noticeable and awkward as Hornacek's face rub.

Anyway on to the links.

Draft Coverage.  I hope to get over to the practice facility to see some workouts this week.  The coverage has been fast and furious to this point already. Here's some of my favorites (share any of yours in the comments):

-- Brian Hendrickson with some Gary Forbes info.  It would be great to see UMass get back on the College Basketball landscape.  Tons of history there.

-- The O's Joe Freeman is really killing it with his draft coverage. Post after post. Just check out his main page and start reading.

-- The Oregon Live Blazers Blog with some KP video.  Poker metaphor. Dodge question. Compliment player. Rinse and repeat.

-- Wendell Maxey with some more Rudy talk.  Note to Martell: time to man up, homey.  I think Marty will get (and deserves) one more year here but after that it could be ship out time. 

-- More Maxey with a preliminary Blazers draft day preview.  Now that Rudy is on the roster, Pritchard has got to be thinking about restocking our foreign reserves with those 2nd round picks.  Paul Allen should buy a Spanish League team, pool our foreign talent, and create, say, the Blazers de Sevilla.

Blazers Stuff. 

Brian Hendrickson with the latest on the Trail Blazers coaching search.  It's so hard to be patient!!!! I want to know; I want to know.  I wonder if the Blazers, when looking through the resumes, are pulling the ones that say "Fluent In Spanish" under "Other Skills."

This Greg Oden workout video over at the Blazers Blog was featured on this morning.  Good job Sean! Portland represent.

Casey has some audio from an ESPN radio interview that Coach Nate McMillan did.

NBA Links.

Henry Abbott has a great feature with a knee specialist, talking about Paul Pierce's knee. Having just had arthroscopic surgery last week I found this particularly interesting. I know "the pop" Pierce is talking about -- one of the cruellest sounds in the world... almost like hearing the "crunch" during a car accident.  Just bone-chilling.

Clay Bennett... taking great care to reserve his special spot in hell.  Paul Allen is our true MVP and I think that gets forgotten.  Talking with Mr. Golub last week really underscored that for me.  Mr. Allen is consistent, classy, engaged but not overbearing, and supportive of his staff.  He is the perfect owner; the owner by which all other owners should be judged.  All that's missing is the ring.  As we build in the next couple of years and we start to smell a title, I guarantee you that he makes it clear, in his own kinda-weird, kinda-cryptic way, that he wants it as badly as any of us.

The Tribune's Steve Brandon doesn't buy the Finals Rivalry hype.  He has a funny riff on the late-game fouling advice of the TV announcers too.

Links unrelated to basketball.

You should email the O's Ryan White with your ideas for the "Best Thing in the World" contest. I nominated.... Terry Porter... of course.  Click here for details.

Must watch documentary about "Screwing and Chopping" music in Houston, Texas. Some NSFW language.

Nas' new song channels Barack Obama and Tupac. Some NSFW language.

The Rapper Lil Jon ("Yeaaahhh") has started a winery.  Named... Little Jonathan Winery.  Wow... just... wow.

And with that I'm out.

-- Ben (