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How the Other Half Lives

Oh man.  If you want to see what it's like to NOT be Portland...I mean to have a complete and total anti-Portland draft experience...if you want to know what it feels like to become a victim of the need to read the following Sacramento Kings open thread from our good friends at SacTown Royalty.  You know how we have the Greg Oden lottery thread permalinked in our sidebar because of all of the excitement and good feelings it evokes, even a year later?  This is like the antithesis of that thread.  There's a show on National Geographic called "Seconds from Disaster" where they chronicle, minute by minute, the events that led up to a famous, tragic event like an airline crash or a gas pipe explosion.  This feels like one of those shows.  It's all right there, beginning with the moment when the Bobcats took D.J. Augustin and they knew something was going wrong, continuing through Jersey's Lopez pick when they got the wild surge of hope that they'd pull out of it, then plunging into the inevitable moment when you can literally feel the energy being sucked out of the entire fanbase.  It's a good thing SBN 2.0 puts protective firewalls around each of its blogs otherwise we might have accidentally crossed the event horizon and the whole network could have been sucked into one, big, despairing void of deflated yuckiness.  The best part is, much like a bike rider in a long train tunnel, there were a couple of people who saw it coming.  The whole thread started with the command not to jinx it.  Ooops!  We know that feeling, eh Blazer fans?  But not to-day-ay!!!

Obligatory warning:  This thread is SOOOOO not safe for work because of the language.  Well, maybe if you work in a porno shop with drunken sailors who have gone off of their Tourette's meds.  No...even they would blush.  But in this context all of that seems vaguely appropriate.

Link to the thread of dooooooooooom...

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