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Official Blazersedge Draft Thread: Second Round

31.  Minnesota Timberwolves--  Nikola Pekovic  6'11" C, Montenegro

32.  Seattle Supersonics (for Detroit)-- Walter Sharpe  6'9" F, UAB

33.  Portland Trail Blazers--  Joey Dorsey  6'7" F, Memphis

34.  Minnesota Timberwolves  (to Miami)--  Mario Chalmers  6'2" G, Kansas

35.  Los Angeles Clippers--  DeAndre Jordan 6'11" C, Texas A+M

36.  Portland Trail Blazers--  Omer Asik  7'0 C, Turkey

37.  Milwaukee Bucks-- Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, UCLA

38.  Charlotte Bobcats-- Kyle Weaver  6'6" G, Washington State

39.  Chicago Bulls--  Sonny Weems  6'6 F, Arkansas

40.  New Jersey Nets--  Chris Douglas-Roberts 6'7" G, Memphis

41.  Indiana Pacers (to Toronto)-- Nathan Jawai 6'10" C, Australia

42.  Sacramento Kings--  Sean Singletary 6'0"  G, Virginia  

43.  Sacramento Kings--  Patrick Ewing Jr.  6'7" F, Georgetown

44.  Utah Jazz--  Ante Tomic  7'2" C, Croatia

45.  San Antonio Spurs--  Goran Dragic  6'4" G, Slovenia

46.  Seattle Supersonics (for Detroit)-- Trent Plaisted  6'10 F, BYU

47.  Washington Wizards--   Bill Walker  6'6" F, Kansas State

48.  Phoenix Suns-- Malik Hairston 6'6" F, Oregon

49.  Golden State Warriors--  Richard Hendrix 6'9"  F, Alabama

50.  Seattle Supersonics--  DeVon Hardin 6'10" C, USC

51.  Dallas Mavericks-- Shan Foster 6'5" Guard, Vanderbilt

52.  Miami Heat--  Darnell Jackson 6' F, Kansas

53.  Utah Jazz--  Tadija Dragicevic  F, Serbia

54.  Houston Rockets-- Maarty Leunen 6'8" F, Oregon

55.  Portland Trail Blazers (to Los Angeles Clippers for a second-rounder next year)--  Mike Taylor 6'2" G, Idaho Stampede (Iowa State)

56.  Seattle Supersonics--  Sasha Kaun 6'11"  C, Kansas

57. San Antonio Spurs--  James Gist  F, Maryland

58.  Los Angeles L*kers--   Yeah...the punks are going to hold the L*kers pick until after all the commercials, huh?  I guess there are important teams and not-so-important teams.  Like anybody from L.A. is actually watching to see who has a 2.5% chance to be the guy who hauls Kobe's luggage this year.  AND STOP ANNOUNCING TRADES THAT NOBODY GIVES A CRAP ABOUT! 

Oh, and their pick is Joe Crawford 6'4" G, Kentucky

Oh BLAH, BLAH!  Now they're doing the whole "What do the L*kers need to do to get back to the championship?" schtick.  GET OUT OF THE SAME CONFERENCE AS THE PORTLAND TRAIL BLAZERS, that's what!  Next pick please!

59.  Detroit Pistons--  Deron Washington 6'6" G, Virginia Tech

60.  Boston Celtics--  Semih Erden 7'1"  C, Turkey

LATEST NEWS ON THE TRADE:  Dorsey and Arthur for Batum.

NOTE:  You know what I've learned from commercials?  Nobody wants that Heiniken.  In fact they'd go a long way out of their way to get rid of it.

ANOTHER TRADE:  Portland trades that skanky D-League guy to the Clips for a second-rounder next year.

And that's all folks! Except for the analysis and fallout, of course.  I'm going to take a break and then come back with a recap and some thoughts.  Thanks for hanging with us.