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Official Blazersedge Draft Thread Part 2

We pick up the draft at Pick 20. 

20.  Charlotte Bobcats (from Denver)-- Alexis Ajinca  7'1" C, France

21.  New Jersey Nets (from Dallas)--  Ryan Anderson  6'10" F, Cal

22.  Orlando Magic--  Courtney Lee 6'5" G, Western Kentucky

23.  Utah Jazz--  Kosta Koufas  7'0" C, Ohio State

24.  Seattle Supersonics--  Serge Ibaka  6'10"  F, Congo

25.  Houston Rockets--  Nicolas Batum  6'7" G, France

26.  San Antonio Spurs--  George Hill 6'2" G,  IUPUI

27.  New Orleans Hornets for the PORTLAND TRAIL BLAZERS-- Baby Point Guard  27" PG, Not Yet In School  (maybe next year) Darrell Arthur 6'9" PF, Kansas

28.  Memphis Grizzlies--  Donte Greene  6'10" F, Syracuse

29.  Detroit Pistons (to Seattle)--  D.J. White  6'9" PF, Indiana

30.  Boston Celtics--  What is going on?  Is that assistant commish drunk in the back or something?  They're slapping him around and forcing coffee down his throat so he's ready for the second round?  Ahhhhh...there we go.  J.R. Giddens 6'5" SG, New Mexico

Note:  I'll say this again later, I'm sure, but for you draft diehards...there's another trade coming.  Tonight, tomorrow, July 1, it's going to happen.  There is no way on earth we're keeping Lamarcus Aldridge, Channing Frye, Ike Diogu, and Darrell Arthur.  That just can't happen.  It's a critical mass of power forwards leading to massive implosion. 

Update:  Josh McRoberts is apparently part of the Indiana deal also.

NEW THREAD ALERT:  We will start a new thread for the fast-moving second round and all of the hardy souls who follow it.  Some of these trades ought to be announced officially then.