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Official Blazersedge Draft Thread

Here we go folks.  This is the open thread for the 2008 NBA Draft.  We are already seeing top picks move for less compensation than in any draft in recent memory.  What will happen next?  Stay with us for draft coverage and plenty of chat in the comment section below.  Picks will be posted as they are announced.

Keep in mind, as I've been saying all week, that the fallout from this draft will not end with the first round, and maybe not even on the first day.  This will be a long-term experience compared to last year's #1 Oden blitz.


Pre- Draft Trades We Know About So Far:

--The Clippers have moved up, trading the 7th pick and a conditional future pick to the Sonics for the 4th pick???

--New Jersey has traded Richard Jefferson to the Milwaukee Bucks for Yi Jianlian and Bobby Simmons.

Also I just heard a bunch of NBA wags on ESPN say the way to turn a team around is to change the "culture" (used multiple times) and get players who are talented, unselfish, yadda-yadda.  Kevin Pritchard has officially taken over the universe.

1.  Chicago Bulls--Derrick Rose 6'3" PG, Memphis

2.  Miami Heat--Michael Beasley 6'8" F, Kansas State

3.  Minnesota Timberwolves-- O.J. Mayo  6'5" G, USC

4.  Seattle Supersonics-- Russell Westbrook  6'3" PG, UCLA

5.  Memphis Grizzlies-- Kevin Love 6'9" F, UCLA

6.  New York Knicks-- Danilo Gallinari 6'9" F, Italy

7.  Los Angeles Clippers-- Eric Gordon 6'3" G, Indiana

8.  Milwaukee Bucks--  Joe Alexander  6'8" F, West Virginia

9.  Charlotte Bobcats--  D.J. Augustin 5'11" PG, Texas

10.  New Jersey Nets-- Brook Lopez 7'0" C, Stanford  

11.  Indiana Pacers (to Portland)--  Jerryd Bayless  6'3" PG, Arizona

12.  Sacramento Kings--  Jason Thompson  6'11" C, Rider

13.  PORTLAND TRAIL BLAZERS (to  Indiana)--  Brandon Rush  6'7" SG, Kansas

14.  Golden State Warriors--  Anthony Randolph  6'11" F, LSU

15.  Phoenix Suns--   Robin Lopez 7'0" C, Stanford

16.  Philadelphia 76'ers-- Marreese Speights  6'10" F, Florida

17.  Toronto Raptors for Indiana Pacers-- Roy Hibbert  7'2" C, Georgetown

18.  Washington Wizards--  JaVale McGee  7'2" C, Nevada

19.  Cleveland Cavaliers--  J.J. Hickson,  6'9" F  North Carolina State

Note:  The Oregonian is NOW reporting that the Blazers are trading for JERRYD BAYLESS.  Apparently the deal is something like Rush and Jack for Bayless and Diogu.  With all of this site's traffic I'm having trouble checking elsewhere to keep up.  AND ESPN HAS CONFIRMED.

NEW THREAD ANNOUNCEMENT:  After pick 19 we will move to a new thread.  Check right above this one.