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Draft Workout Report

I bounced quickly over to the Practice Facility this morning to check out the day's scheduled workouts (Rush, Chalmers,  Ewing, Mbah a Moute and Randolph). In the 2.7 minutes that they were open to the media, I was able to reach the following rock-solid conclusions about the NBA draft:

1.  Seeing Captain of Industry Kevin Pritchard decked out in his Saturday morning finest (untucked polo shirt and knee-length cargo shorts) was like seeing the usually pantsuited Hilary Clinton in daisy dukes.  Serious cognitive dissonance.

2.  Brandon Rush's jumper was not what I expected/hoped -- his shoulders were not square to the basket and his shooting motion was inconsistent (not quite herky-jerky but not nearly as smooth and repetitous as you would like... something like a small catch or hiccup that you might see in an amateur's golf swing).

3.   The best prospect in the house was Leandro Barbosa.  Sure, he wasn't there in the physical form but his name was on the lips of a number of media members.  Whether any of these guys comes to us at #13 (Rush still seems the most likely), I'd trade any/all of them with Webster/Jack/whoever for Barbosa and not lose a wink of sleep. In fact, I'd be sleeping soundly dreaming of championships.

-- Ben (