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Vegas Update

Just a quick update to let you know where we are vis-a-vis Summer League:

We have received enough donations that I'd say going is a lock-solid guarantee at this point.  A huge "THANK YOU!" to everyone who has pitched in so far.  That said, we're still a little bit short of being truly comfortable for the trip.  In other words there's still room if anybody would like to contribute some gas money to send Dave to Vegas to cover the team for the site.  Of course I'll still be pitching in plenty myself but with the price of fuel nowadays every gallon of help counts!  E-mail if you're interested and let me know.  We have a PayPal account if it's convenient, otherwise I can give you my mailing address.

 --Dave (

UPDATE:  I forgot to mention I have a very limited number of t-shirts available if you'd prefer to buy something rather than donate.  I have:

  • 2 Large "Beware the Second Coming/Oden 08 Fear It!" shirts (These are gone.)
  • 1 XXXL "Blazersedge/What Ring Size Are You?" shirt like the ones we gave away for Jersey Contest prizes this year.
  • And I even dug up two XL Original Blazersedge T-Shirts (the "Us Against the World" design).  This was the exact style I was wearing the day we won the lottery, so they're good luck. (Also sold.)

Unfortunately that's my entire stock.  If anyone wants one for $15 as a semi-contribution to the Summer League Journey Fund, let me know.

The first two t-shirt designs are here.