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The Official Blazersedge Draft Prediction Thread

Here it is, what you've all been waiting for.  We're less than one week away from draft day.  We're in the sweet spot of the prediction season.  All of the mock drafts have been posted and updated two or three times at least.  All of the info on prospective draftees has received the fine-toothed comb treatment.  We know exactly who's in and who's out next Thursday.  At the same time we're still far enough away that the pre-draft rumors can't really be credited as real, spoiling our predicting fun.  So it's now time for you to call your shot.

In the comment section below give us the following info:

--Who you think the Blazers will pick and why.

--Where that pick will occur in the draft order.

--If that pick isn't #13 tell us how we made the move and what it cost us.

--Feel free to add any other moves, including drafting second rounders, making multiple trades, or moving out of the draft entirely.

Remember this is not fantasy time or a "what if" fanpost.  You're trying to accurately predict what Kevin Pritchard and company will do next Thursday.

To make it interesting, anyone who correctly predicts our major move or pick in the draft will receive a Blazers t-shirt courtesy of Niketown.  (Roy or Aldridge...I think they might be XXL but you can use them as jammies if you're small.)  If more than one person predicts the correct move or pick I will randomly draw a winner from the correct predictions.

If there are multiple moves of sufficient complexity that I feel they warrant it and someone correctly predicts 100% of them before this weekend expires I will consider taking you out to a reasonably nice dinner next time I'm in town.  "Sufficient complexity" is wholly up to my judgment, but I'll be fair.

Have at it, and enjoy reading everybody's predictions!

--Dave (