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The Official Blazersedge Brandon Rush Thread

If you've been following any of the mock draft action that we've been involved in the name that's popping up constantly for the Blazers at #13 (thanks mostly to yours truly) is Brandon Rush from Kansas.  As much as anything it's because other bloggers have been wising up to the three players Portland would probably be most interested in--Russell Westbrook, DJ Augustin, and Joe Alexander--and snagging them well before Portland's pick.  Rush does have a lot of qualities to offer this team, however.  Portland might be able to trade down (or otherwise acquire a later pick) and still get him also.  He could also free up some of our other swingmen for potential trades OR be a legitimate part of a trade himself.  (If you use a point guard or center as a throw-in people pretty much know he sucks, but swingmen and potential scorers make good additional trade bait.) disappointed or overjoyed or nonplussed would you be if the Blazers walked away from this draft with Mr. Rush in hand?  If Portland ends up using its 13th pick would you be OK taking Rush there?  What do you know about him, what does he bring to the table, and what are the potential difficulties?

Let us know below.

--Dave (