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Trade Evaluator

We want you to evaluate the trades that were executed during today's Mock Draft as well as a couple that could have made the cut but didn't for logistical reasons.  What went right?  What went wrong?  Who made the best deals?  How realistic were they?


The Miami Heat have traded the rights to #2 overall pick Michael Beasley, forward Udonis Haslem, and guard Daequan Cook to the Seattle Supersonics for the rights to #4 overall pick Jerryd Bayless, forward Nick Collison, and guard/forward Damien Wilkins.


The Minnesota Timberwolves have sent the draft rights to #3 pick O.J. Mayo and forward Antoine Walker to the New York Knicks for the draft rights to #6 pick Kevin Love, forward Renaldo Balkman, and forward Malik Rose.


We have a trade to announce:  The Los Angeles Clippers are sending the draft rights to #7 pick Brook Lopez to the New Jersey Nets in exchange for the rights to #10 pick Eric Gordon and #21 pick Chase Budinger.

TRADE #4  (This one didn't make the draft itself but it had the go-ahead in theory.)

The Milwaukee Bucks trade the rights to #8 overall pick Russell Westbrok plus center Dan Gadzuric to the Sacramento Kings in exchange for the rights to #12 overall pick Anthony Randolph, the Kings' second-round pick (#43 overall) and forward John Salmons.

TRADE #5  (Again this didn't make the draft but it easily could have.)

The Charlotte Hornets trade the rights to the #9 overall pick (at the time this was suggested the player was can see the players that were left on the board in the Mock Draft thread) to the Portland Trail Blazers in exchange for the #13 overall pick (also unspecified) and guard Jarrett Jack.

Fire away!

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