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Question of the Day

It's your turn today.  The question is one we asked last summer as well, but the team has evolved so much that it's worth thinking about anew.

Let's say the magic Basketball Fairy came with her grandmotherly smile and sparkly wand to grant you one Blazer-basketball-related wish.  The wish, though, had to be specific:  you had to wish for one Blazer from times past to join the team again this fall, exactly as they were when they played before. 

There are only two restrictions on this wish:

1.  The player would be of the same age and ability as he was when he was a Blazer even if he was better when playing for other teams.  In other words you can't get the Bulls version of Scottie Pippen or the Nuggets version of Fat Lever even though both were Blazers at some point in their careers.  You could only get the Blazer versions of those players.

2.  Her sparkly wand has been WAY overused with people asking for Clyde Drexler and Bill Walton.  She can't get them without risking wand burnout, so no dice on those two.

Which player would you wish to have suit up again and why?  Tell us what you think your guy would mean to the team.

--Dave (