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The Summer of the Point Guard

You can see the writing on the wall already.  Unless or until some kind of move happens this is going to be the Summer of Endless Point Guard Discussion.  If you haven't seen Sergio Rodriguez's latest interview chatter check out Blakebilla's diary to the right.  Fascinating stuff.

So given that we're fated to six months of PG chatter, answer me a simple question:

Who is the best Blazer point guard ever?

You can use any criteria you wish.  Please illuminate why you're thinking the way you do.  If you think any of our current guards or any guard we might  pick up could develop some of the things you like in your Greatest PG, let us know that too.

Please do me one favor, though.  Every time we do something like this somebody in the first dozen comments provides a laundry list of every significant player who ever played the position.  They say, "I like Player A for this and Player B was that and Player C..." and so on through Players Q, R, and X until they finally vote, effectively making everybody else's comment superfluous.

I know it's a hard question.  I know you know are an encyclopedia of Blazer point guards.  That's not the point.  (Pun semi-intentional.)  Just pick one and give us a detailed explanation as to why.  Go deep into the subject, not wide.

We'll tally the votes informally at the end of the weekend. 

--Dave (