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Ten Words or Less: The Pick

Carrying on yesterday’s theme, we’re reviving an old Blazersedge tradition this morning.  We so often go into great detail and complexity.  Sometimes it’s nice to have it short and sweet.  Thus “Ten Words or Less”.  (Reminder to you grammarians:  I know it’s technically “Ten Words or Fewer”.  That just doesn’t sound as good.)


I’m promising to give a preliminary report on the Blazers’ likely choices for the #13 pick next week, but before I go ahead we’re going to take a quick sounding.  Let me know who you think the Blazers should take with the pick and why. The only stipulation is that you have to use ten words or less.  Trading the pick IS an option, and if that’s your choice try to give us an idea of who you want back and why.  Please put the name of your target draftee or “Trade It” in the subject line of your comment.  This does NOT count towards the ten-word limit.  Thus:


Russell Westbrook


because his last name sounds like a chic jacket line.


Consider this a poll of which way the wind is blowing at Blazersedge.  (I do get asked a fair amount what you guys think.)  Please confine yourself to players you think the Blazers could reasonably get.

--Dave (