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FanPost of the Week

I'm a sucker for point guard comparisons.  So this week's (back like it never left) FanPost of the Week is prezofdeath's "Ranking the League's Brightest Stars: Top 25 PGs." 

If you're sick of arguing about our point guards, now you can argue about everyone's point guards. The man even embedded pictures to keep you entertained as you work through his list.  Now that is good work.

A couple other solid FanPosts you might check out and weigh in on:

-- A question of identity by CatMan2

-- Nightbluefruit's welcome letter  to his co-worker. [OT]

Speaking of good work, ever since Dave hit the reset button on FanPost behavior everyone seems to have collectively stepped it up. One thing to add to this list of FanPost reminders: use the recommend button.  If you see something you like, something that made you think, something that made you chuckle: recommend it. It bumps those posts to the top and it will help further the discussion. 

Here's prezofdeath celebrating his achievement...


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