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Fanpost Reminders

Fanposts are one of the most exciting aspects of the site.  To keep things running smoothly we need you to remember a couple things about how and why you post and respond in that section:

1.  I’ve said this before, but I guess we need periodic reminders…please do not duplicate topics in Fanposts.  If a topic is being discussed on the main page do not write a separate Fanpost about it.  Before you post your own Fanpost look at the ones that have already been posted.  If a current Fanpost covers that topic, comment there instead of starting your own.  Furthermore, if we’ve discussed the topic intensely within the last day or so give it a rest for a couple days before posting about it again.  SPACE IS LIMITED in that sidebar.  Every time you post you knock someone else’s Fanpost off the page and out of discussion.  Besides that, it’s a complete drag to see the same topic duplicated over and over.  Site discussion is supposed to make people go, "Oooh…interesting!" not "Oh…that again?"

If I see a conversation well underway in a duplicating post I will usually refrain from deleting it out of respect for the people who have commented, but that doesn’t mean I’m happy about it.  Nothing makes me more annoyed than seeing a Fanpost on Topic X started when another post on the exact same topic is sitting three posts below.  And if you want to make me really cheesed, run right over the guy who posted just an hour ago whose post is right...below...yours.  Don’t do that.

To keep posts on the front page longer and to avoid duplication I strongly suggest that you click "Edit Settings" in your blog control box and update the number of Fanposts displayed to 20 instead of the default 10.  Even if you don’t read 20 at least you can see what’s been discussed recently.

2.  Treat each other with courtesy.  Many of you have developed a close enough relationship that you can kid or be blunt with each other and that’s a great thing, but be careful, especially with new folks.  This is supposed to be a watering hole for Blazer fans of all types.  Nothing says, "You’re not welcome here" like getting a sarcastic, "You’re an idiot" type comment right at the top of your first Fanpost.  I know most people here wouldn’t say something like that straight out, but you know the type of response I’m talking about.  Work with people.  Refrain from questioning their intelligence, experience, or how much basketball they’ve watched.  You can make your point just as strongly without any of those references or any of that attitude.

People are supposed to be careful and aware of their tone and how they post, but they're not supposed to be afraid of being shouted down for posting a topic that is different or avant garde.  We encourage creative thinking and exploration here.  That includes the occasional "What if we traded Brandon?" post.

Overall, consider yourself an ambassador for the site whenever you comment.  Disagree all you want, but disagree in such a way as to invite, not discourage, further discussion.  Ben and I work very hard at what we do and it sucks to see people who won’t take 30 more seconds when making their comments to make them respectful and because of their inattentiveness drive people away. 

3.  This one is a little more nuanced than the other two, but I’ve noticed it happening several times in the last few days in the sidebar and main posts alike:

For the purposes of any given post, take that post under the terms it’s offered and discuss accordingly.  Try to avoid sidetracking the post into tangential arguments.

For example, many Fanposts start with some version of "If Point X is true, which of these options is the best course?"  Inevitably you’ll read a 22-post side thread about whether Point X is true or not.  That’s not the purpose of the post!  None of those comments end up answering the question posed.

When somebody poses a question in such a manner, it’s generally proper to take that question at face value and answer it as asked.  When somebody’s post takes an issue as given, go ahead and take it as a given as well.  Since you're in their Fanpost, step into their world for a minute and have the discussion on their terms.  If you wish to take the argument back a step and debate the validity of Point X, that is a perfectly acceptable reason to start another Fanpost on that topic (if it hasn’t been done already).  If you just can’t get through a comment without voicing your disagreement with Point X, then toss it off in a sentence and move on, thus:  "I don’t necessarily think Point X is a given, but if it were, here’s how I would answer your question."  This not only shows respect to the poster, it also allows creative discussion amidst varied strains of thought.  Otherwise every post gets reduced to the same three arguments rehashed over and over.  If we’re talking about Russell Westbrook, talk about Westbrook and not whether the Blazers should trade the pick anyway, even if you believe they will.

I know I’m probably being greedy here, since discussions at Blazersedge are already among the best you’ll find anywhere on any subject, but even the best can use some refining.  I know Ben and I don’t settle for being good enough…we try to work at our craft to make ourselves and the site better all the time.  Paying attention to some of these things will do the same for the fan side of the site.

--Dave (

P.S.  Almost forgot…

4. Please title your Fanposts accurately and descriptively so we can tell what we're reading.  This is especially important if you are posting what you consider a different enough approach to a familiar topic that it cannot fit under a previous entry and warrants its own Fanpost.  If it's distinct, title it distinctly.