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Happy News

There’s some exciting news coming around the bend as far as Blazer coverage and discussion.  Part of its genus was a discussion that started here when Gavin Dawson moved on from his old station, so it’s kind of a tip of the hat to you guys as well.

I’m happy to announce that the Blazers’ Website Content Manager and author of the Center Court Blog Casey Holdahl, 95.5 The Game’s own Gavin Dawson, and yours truly will be doing a regular podcast for your listening pleasure.  Abandoning modesty for a minute, at least on behalf of my two cohorts, I’d say you’d have to go a long ways before finding a lineup like Dawson, Holdahl, and Deckard.  In addition to our three voices the podcast will have access to, and interviews with, media experts and team personnel.  Plus we’ll be taking e-mail questions and maybe have a few other surprises as well.

Speaking for myself, not only am I honored to be part of this triumvirate, this has been a dream of mine for a long time.  Part of it is the chance to work in a slightly different medium.  A huge part of it is the respect I have for Gavin and Casey.  We all enjoy each other and we all do things the right way.  I suspect a fair part of that enjoyment will leak through to folks who listen.  Personally my goals for the project are simple:  I want it to be important and entertaining, over time working its way up to being an indispensable part of your Blazer fandom.  We'll work hard to make that happen.

A trial run of the podcast is already up.  Since we were wrestling with technical issues with the new equipment this week I am not on this one, having moved aside in favor of an interview with Blazer scout Chad Buchanan.  (Gavin and Casey are in studio while I must participate via phone.)  However it’s a great listen and a good start.  You can look forward to more in the weeks to come.  I hope you enjoy it!

Here's the link:  Podcast Link

Here's a direct .mp3:  Podcast .mp3 Download

Here's the address to send questions in for next week's show.  (We might answer them ourselves or we might find an expert to answer.):

--Dave (