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Feeling Rosy

Ace 71 beat me to the punch by one day in his fanpost, but I’m going to post this for main page discussion anyway.


Some folks have been talking about the possibility of acquiring Derrick Rose.  We should preface this discussion by saying we do understand that you don’t have to get the #1 overall pick every year in order to be successful…or at least I hope we understand that.  It’s the natural tendency of fans to be unnecessarily greedy.  As soon as a decent player on any team is rumored to be available for any reason one of the first posts you see is, “How can we get Player X?”  Player X may not be right for this team at all, let alone attainable, but in true Trader Bob fashion we like to fantasize about plucking every decent fruit from the vine.  This is also true of draft picks.


But let’s go with it for a minute and assume that Rose would be an irreplaceably perfect fit in our backcourt and we must have him.  There is one, and only one, scenario I see in which this has a ghost of a chance of happening.  That would be to trade Lamarcus Aldridge.  (I’m assuming that we’re not crazy enough to consider shipping Roy or Oden, though the former might work and the latter surely would.)  The more difficult possibility would be to convince Chicago to part with a hometown boy.  However if they were offered the forward they missed two years ago plus another decent-potential player plus the #13 pick for Chris Duhon and cap filler they might go for it.  The easier possibility would be making a deal with Miami if Chicago goes with Michael Beasley.  With Dwyane Wade and (potentially) Shawn Marion already in the fold they’d be more eager for a frontcourt scorer than another small guy.  That package would have at least a chance of pulling the #2 pick. 


Of course neither of these possibilities takes into account what other teams would offer, but for the sake of our discussion let’s assume that ours was the most attractive package in either case.  Would you be willing to part with Lamarcus to get Derrick Rose?  If you ever decide to trade any of the Big Three he is the most likely by far.  Would this be the time and the player to get in return?


Vote and explain below.

--Dave (