Why the Blazers will dominate: A brief comparison

David Robinson = Greg Oden
A rare dominant center. One of the few big guys who can run the court with grace and catch passes with his soft hands. Has the size and skill to dominate. Excellent leaping ability and timing. A real intimidator. Great finisher. Lateral quickness is unmatched. A solid rebounder with the presence of mind to quickly get the ball to a guard. Underrated passer. Humble.

Tim Duncan = LMA
Extremely smooth post player with a wide array of post-up moves. Excellent touch close to the basket, with the ability to step out for the long two. Soft hands and relatively soft-spoken. Knows how to get in position to rebound with the best of them. A fundamentally sound player who understands the game and could dominate the NBA for a long time.

Robert Horry = Travis Outlaw
A small forward in a power forward's body. Tall enough to play the four, but quick and versatile enough to play the three. A guy who can create mismatches. Not only is he big, but he can get his shot from everywhere, and is a guy his teammates look to when the game is on the line. Has a knack for hitting the big shot.

Bruce Bowen = Martell Webster
A small forward who can lock down the opposing team's main scorer. Fairly athletic, and can handle the ball if need be. Spreads the opposing defense with a solid three point shot.

Manu Ginobili = Rudy
A guy who possesses solid three point range on his jumper, and excels at catch and shoot. Can easily blow by most defenders by using a lightning-quick first step. If required, can play the point guard, and usually does so well. Solid free throw shooter who's silky-smooth European style of play makes your mouth water.

Tony Parker = Brandon Roy
A thinking man's player; shows excellent ball handling skills with the ability to create shots for himself and others. Can play the one or the two; excels in the fourth quarter. Has great composure and confidence. A true team leader.

Gregg Popovich = Nate McMillan

A no-nonsense coach who is respected by his players and assistant coaches alike. In addition to promoting classiness on all his teams and coaching most of them to solid records, the coach has also been a key figure on the USA Olympic Basketball Team coaching staff. A true winner.


Now the comparisons are slightly crude; I don't think we are the Spurs exactly.

But what matters is what you think. Are the comparisons bogus? Is there a team that we could more closely compare ourselves to? Is it an insult to Bruce Bowen to compare him to an unproven Martell Webster? Is Oden going to be better than D-Rob?

Personally, I think we have the advantage when comparing side-by-side, but that's just my thoughts. And we have all the players on the team at the same time. Bear in mind the Spurs never had all those ballers on the same team at the same time.  Robinson was long gongFeel free to holler.