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Lottery Drawing Open Thread

In what will hopefully be the last rendition of an annual tradition for a while, here is the official Open Thread for today's lottery drawing.  Coverage starts at 4:30 Pacific on ESPN if you want to chat while the balls are shuffled and the order announced.

The process:

Team reps will gather in a closed room where ping-pong balls will be chosen in combinations of four.

Each team has a certain number of four-digit combinations.  Teams with worse regular-season records have more combinations.  Teams with better records have fewer.  Miami has 250 out of 1000 possible.  Golden State has 5.  The Blazers have 6.

Three four-digit combinations will be drawn.  The first combination will be for the first pick in the draft.  The second combination for the second, the third for the third.  After the top three picks are selected the remaining teams are seeded from 4-14 in order of regular season finish.  If you want to see the exact number of combinations for each team and how ties between teams with the same record were resolved, Click Here.

After the drawings are complete the team logos will be placed in envelopes.  They will be revealed, from the 14th pick to the 1st, on ESPN.

Possible Outcomes for the Blazers

--If Golden State wins a Top 3 pick and the Blazers do not, Portland will pick 14th.  Portland's logo will then be the first revealed on the lottery show.

--If neither Golden State nor Portland move up the Blazers will pick 13th.  It doesn't matter who else moves up as the Blazers are behind them all.  (The 12 teams in front of us can get shuffled in any order you can imagine...there are still 12 of them.)  In this case Portland's logo will be revealed second on the lottery show.

--If Portland moves up we will know it immediately when the second envelope is revealed.  If you don't see the Blazer pinwheel in the first two envelopes that means we once again have a Top 3 pick.  We'll have to wait to find out which one it is.

Have fun commenting and bringing good juju to the Blazers today!  I'll talk to you guys around 4:30.  If you'd like to remember how things went around here last year then read the 2007 Lottery Commemorative Thread.  Ah...such a SWEET time!  If you don't get serious tingles up your spine reading that then something is probably wrong with your spine...or your tingler.

--Dave (

P.S.  I don't know if the chances are too small to bother or if everybody got wise to my pet peeve, but THANK YOU ALL for not posting 1,600 "lottery simulator" threads this year!  I managed to get through the whole lottery season without reading one "I just ran the simulator and the Blazers got second!" post.  Hallelujah!

P.P.S.  You can also check out Dwight Jaynes' "What If" column.

P.P.P.S.  And Chip Crain's humorous look at the reasons each team should win the lottery tonight.