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Weekend Nostalgia: Coaches

Watching and hearing Rick Adelman coach in the Houston-Utah game tonight reminded me of his younger days and how much I liked him back then.  This brings up the question for the weekend. 

Here is a list of Portland coaches courtesy of

Rolland Todd 1970/71-1971/72
Stu Inman 1971/72
Jack McCloskey 1972/73-1973/74
Lenny Wilikens 1974/75-1975/76
Jack Ramsay 1976/77-1985/86
Mike Schuler 1986/87-1988/89
Rick Adelman 1988/89-1993/94
P.J. Carlisiemo 1994/95-1996/97
Mike Dunleavy 1997/98-2000/01
Maurice Cheeks 2001/02-2004/05
Kevin Pritchard 2004/05
Nate McMillian 2005/06-Present

Here's what we want to know:

1.  Who is the best Blazer coach ever?

2.  Who is your favorite Blazer coach ever (which may or may not be the same thing).

3.  Which of these coaches do you think is the most underrated and/or got the rawest deal from ownership, the media, or the fans?

As always feel free to explain your rationale.  Enjoy!

--Dave (