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The Official Blazersedge Shamelessly Chauvinist Blazers Thread

I was walking around today trying to think of a good topic for discussion.  I had just passed the refrigerator on the way to the drinking glass cupboard when it hit me like a thunderbolt out of the blue:  a question so simple and obvious that it makes me ashamed I have never asked it in three-plus years of blogging.  I swear I felt so dumb, dumb, DUMB I nearly fell on the floor.  "Really, Dave?  REALLY?  You mean you've NEVER asked that?  But it's so OBVIOUS!"  Yeah, I know.

I shall remedy this now.  The question is this:

Explain to us why the Portland Trail Blazers are clearly, hands down, the best team in the history of the universe.

Note that this can mean, but does not necessarily mean, the current incarnation of the Blazers.  It could be just in general too.  The point is that everybody with an ounce of sense or discernment knows the Blazers are the best team ever.  We've just never talked about why.  So here's your chance.  Fire away.

--Dave (

P.S.  Don't miss Ben's fantastic interview with new OSU head coach Craig Robinson below.