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The Official Blazersedge "Never Gonna Happen" Thread

I remember when I was a much younger Blazer fan, back in the Drexler era.  After watching us lose to the Pistons in ’89-’90 and then fall to the You-Know-Whos when the Series-That-Shall-Not-Be-Spoken-Of went south in ’91-’92, I decided that I might be open to considering alternatives.  I wasn’t championing massive changes, mind you.  I loved that team.  But I thought there might be just a little wiggle room to bring that piece which would propel us over the top.  So I concocted a trade in my young fan mind.  It was a nice little trade, simple in concept:  we would send a promising young forward (like, say, Cliff Robinson), a couple other pieces (maybe Terry Porter if they insisted), and a draft pick or two to the Detroit Pistons for Isiah Thomas.  Keep in mind this was the then-All-Star and Franchise-Hero Isiah Thomas, not the buffoon front office man.  I don’t know how many times I repeated that trade possibility over and over in my head.  I know it was enough that it began to make sense.

So why didn’t we ever see a lineup of Isiah Thomas, Clyde Drexler, Jerome Kersey, Buck Williams, and Kevin Duckworth?  Because the Detroit front office wasn’t filled with complete nimrods, that’s why.  Looking back now I can’t even tell you why I thought it would have any chance to fly.  Fandom does strange things.

Another example (which I have cited a couple of times previously) was the collection of Hakeem Olajuwon rumors in the early 90’s.  Every two summers or so somebody would see the Dream shopping for houses in Lake Oswego…the obvious prelude to the Big Trade ™.  Needless to say the real estate agents in the L.O. never could close that deal and presumably neither could the Blazers. 

It is in the spirit of these memories that we create this thread.  As fans, and sometimes even as media folks, we repeat (or hear repeated) things that, while far from the realm of possibility, become more plausible by their mere repetition.  The internet has aided and abetted our private musings, making them public and thus all the more likely to gain credence.  This “Never Gonna Happen” thread is our own little reality check.  I want to hear the things you’ve heard (or thought) which upon further reflection don’t have a snowball’s chance in Phoenix of coming true.

In homage to my long-ago trade proposition and the local superstar sightings, I will open the proceedings:

Chris Paul is not coming to the Blazers.  Never gonna happen.  We had our chance to draft him a couple of years ago.  He’s gone for good now.  New Orleans will not let their M.V.P.-level, ticket-selling, NBA-commercial-featured guard go at any price.  If we heard New Orleans fans speculating on Brandon Roy and Greg Oden becoming Hornets in the near future we’d guffaw mightily and claim they had a few screws loose.  What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.  And we have to gander at some other point guard.

That’s mine.  Feel free to add yours.  What assumption or speculation--either Blazer-specific or even around the league--do you hear that’s just Never Gonna Happen?  Go ahead.  Get them off of your chest.  You know you want to.



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