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Jersey Contest Round Two Results

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Here are the results from the L*kers game and Round 2 of the Jersey Contest Playoffs:

Final Score:  Blazers 112  L*kers 103
Which Blazer gets the most assists?--Brandon Roy
Which Blazer gets the most defensive rebounds?--Lamarcus Aldridge (shows what I know)
How many points does Kobe score?--34
Which team shoots a higher free throw percentage?--Blazers

Scores for this game:

MavetheGreat  55
fatwansaboni  45
cbass  39
nostradamus 37
bfan 36
dj 32
rockingharder 29
dbuscho 28

(It must have been a particularly sweet victory for MavetheGreat, as he was the only one of the eight who picked the Blazers to win.)

Round Two Bracket:

Top Bracket:

#1 Bfan  91    #8 MavetheGreat 101
#4 Fatwansaboni  100   #5 Rockingharder  66

Bottom Bracket:

#2  Nostradamus 93   #7  DJ  83
#3 DBuscho  74   #6 CBASS  88

Round Three Bracket:

#8 MavetheGreat vs.  #4 Fatwansaboni

#2 Nostradamus vs. #6 CBASS

Congratulations and best of luck to those four and thanks to all!

--Dave (