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The Grand Prize

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The Jersey Contest field will be narrowed from 8 to 4 after tonight's game.  It's time to start talking about the Grand Prize.  I'm not going to detail my part of it until we're down to two but I'd like to solicit your help.

Last fall we talked about making this year's Grand Prize a community affair.  I'm going to provide some cool Blazer stuff but I had hoped you guys would add in some of your quirky, homemade things.  It doesn't have to be anything expensive or fancy, just something that reflects you and/or the team community.  Maybe someone has an old set of Franz cards, or somebody knits red and black stocking caps.  Our Poet Laureate Dr. Dave will hopefully throw in a poem.  Maybe someone wants to make a Grand Prize Congratulations Card, or do something with the theme of that glorious, wonderful Spirit Mountain Casino commercial we all love so much.  Anything that's fun and creative will do.

If you come up with something you want to pitch in for our Grand Prize winner to make it a truly Blazersedge-worthy event, e-mail me at the address below and I'll tell you how to get it to me.  Your submissions will need to be in within the next two weeks.

--Dave (