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Jersey Contest Playoff Results

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Here are the results of the Jersey Contest Playoffs for the San Antonio Game.

Final Score:  Blazers 65  Spurs 72
How many assists will the Blazers have?--12
How many rebounds will Joel Przybilla have?--9
Who will be the Blazers' leading scorer?--Brandon Roy
Which team will score first in the game?--San Antonio

Top Bracket:

#1 Bfan  55    
#8 MavetheGreat 46

#4 Fatwansaboni  55
#5 Rockingharder  37

Bottom Bracket:

#2  Nostradamus 56
#7  DJ  51

#3 DBuscho  46
#6 CBASS  49

As you can see, every race is too tight to call!  The L*kers game on Tuesday will bring the next elimination!

--Dave (