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The season is winding down so, despite the losses, try to enjoy the excitement of gameday.  The dog days are just around the corner...

Bored? Insomniac? Both?  Read these.

Blazers links:
Portland Tribue on Martell's health. All the best, Martell.
Kerry Eggers on Bill Bayno.
Eggers on Brent Barry.
Mike Barrett wraps up the Rockets' Sweep of the Blazers.
Roy Might Play. Not sure if that deserves a "!" or a "???"
Tim Brown with the latest on Rudy.

NBA Links:
Donnie Walsh as Lee Iacocca. Does that makes Isiah Kenneth Lay?
Eric Gordon is going pro.  Do not draft.
Ian Thomsen looks at NBA salaries.
1/2 a Billion Dollars to upgrade Madison Square Garden.
J.A. Adande on the NBA Coach of the Year.
Jemele Hill on the NBA MVP. I'll go with Kobe this year but this debate is almost never worth the effort.

College Basketball Links:
Dwight Jaynes on the PSU Spring Break trip. Finally, a considered opinion.
Eggers on Kyle Singler. Easily my favorite Oregonian hoopster of all time.  Terrell Brandon is #2.
Mike Tokito on Kevin Love, the Pro.
Wendell Maxey on future U. of A. Wildcat Brandon Jennings. Man, I wish he was going to the Nike Hoop Summit on Saturday.
Hilarious Picture.
The NY Times is now on the Worldwide Wes case. The roster he helped assemble at U. of Memphis could beat the Miami Heat right now.
An NBA fan's guide to the Final Four. Guess this one is a day late, still worth a look.

Blogging is deadly. eeeeeee

--Ben (

Dave adds one:

Jason Quick has a story today about Coach McMillan's hope that Martell Webster will continue evolving as a defender. My brief take: I'm all for him defending and giving the coach another reason to keep him on the floor. But as I've said a half-dozen times or so, Martell is a shooter. That's why he's in this league. That's what got him drafted. His first priority is to make his shots because if he isn't he doesn't belong out there. As long as that's happening, everything else he does is fantastic. If it isn't, you better play someone else.