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Wha Hoppen???

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Wow internet connection just got SLAUGHTERED last night and it took me until now to fix it up to the point I could post.  That marks the first time in 2 years there hasn't been a weekday post from me on Blazersedge in the morning.  Fortunately Ben's Media Row Report saved the day.


--I won't bother to do a recap of last night's game now.  Suffice it to say you can't bork the last two minutes of the third that hard and expect to win against a playoff team.  Also this is what happens when you have to guard T-Mac with players 6'3" and below.

--Jersey Contest Participants, the form for the San Antonio game on Sunday will be up in minutes.  Don't forget it's a 3:00 start!

--I know the playoff count is wrong.  I'll fix it tomorrow.  It's 88 games now.

--Topic of discussion for the weekend, courtesy of a comment by TimG:

With all of the talk about coaches (and by proxy GM's) we should talk about how you know that a member of management has jumped the shark and it's time for a change. Obviously that point comes at some Isiah Thomas turning the Knicks into the NBA version of a Superfund Site shows us.  But seriously, what are the signs?

This is supposed to be a helpful, philosophical, interesting conversation, so let's save the canned (and obvious) cracks like "The team gives up 10 in the last minutes of the third" or "He plays Jarrett Jack 20 minutes a game".  In theoretical terms, applicable to most teams, how do you know when to change?

Have fun!