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Jersey Contest Playoffs Game 1 Results

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Here are the results from Game 1 of the Jersey Contest playoffs.  Remember that the top eight participants after Game 2 will continue on to the championship bracket.

I am going to try and post everyone's predictions at game-time so you Hoss-Pickers can see what to root for.  I couldn't do that tonight as the picking was still ongoing.

Game 1 Results:
Final Score:  Blazers 91  L*kers 104
How many free throws do the L*kers attempt?--25
Which Blazer shoots the highest two-point percentage?--Joel Przybilla
Which team wins the opening tip?--Los Angeles
Who is the second-leading scorer in this game?--Tie:  Travis Outlaw and Someone Else (Martell Webster)

Click through for the results so far.

Attention Playoff Participants: The form for the next game (tonight against Houston) is up now. I have sent you an e-mail with the link or you can just use the same link from the last e-mail.

1 oldbaum 88
2 dbuscho 82
3 cbass 76
4 fatwansaboni 74
  MavetheGreat 74
6 rockingharder 72
7 bfan 70
  nostradamus 70
9 ryryslyry 67
10 bothteamsplayedhard 66
11 blazermaniac32 63
12 dlippman 61
13 dj 60
14 bustabucket18 59
  jorga 59
  supremepuntiff 59
17 blackeye 44
18 BrailleTaser 26