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Return of Roy and the Playoffs

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As JasonT has so graciously pointed out in his diary, Jason Quick is reporting that the results of Brandon Roy's MRI show a strain, not a tear, and he may return to action this season.  That's welcome news to all of us who actually have to watch these games.

The same article contains the team's reaction to being officially eliminated from the playoffs.  I would point out that it's been a long time since the word "playoffs" has been mentioned around here in April outside of the context of the Jersey Contest.  Even getting this close is a job well done for this team.  I'd also point out that our playoff countdown continues...and yes, that's still written in stone.  There will be a lot of people saying that other teams in the West are too tough for us to make it next year.  I'm telling you now we're going to.  At the beginning of our Finals runs in the early 1990's other teams always looked more scary on paper.  Phoenix had Tom Chambers and Kevin Johnson.  San Antonio had the Admiral.  Utah had Stockton and Malone.  We ended up being a better team.  We're not anywhere near a Finals run yet, but we will end up being enough of a better team than some of the Western contenders to sneak in there next year.

Perhaps Ken would be good enough to grace us with his recollections from the Vegas Summer League two years ago.  He was sitting with the then-blogger from OregonLive and a bright-eyed, brand new blogger from this little place called Blazer Thoughts when the latter said, "Two years, two drafts, two trades and we're going back to the playoffs again."  

Time is up.  Get ready.

--Dave (