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Poetry Contest Results

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The voting for the Blazersedge Poetry Contest is over! In case you missed it none other than John Canzano referenced the work of you poets, directly quoting Amlmart.  Well done all!

Now to the matter at hand.  At the beginning of the voting it looked like TDarkstar's "Epic" was going to run away with the prize.  In the last day or so, however, perhaps due to the kind attention Mr. Canzano diverted our way, St. Bayno's "Assistant Coach" snuck into a narrow lead.  (For those who noted that many of St. Bayno's votes were from newer members I have checked into the phenomenon and apparently people were just stirred by his verses and had to vote.  Nothing untoward went on.  It's simply the mark of a great poet, I guess!)  This left me with a quandary.  Last season Dr. Dave outpaced everyone else in the contest handily.  In the year since he comported himself with such dignity as Official Blazersedge Poet Laureate that he actually brought some measure of importance to that position other than the mere honorary.  It doesn't seem right to award a clear victory in the race for this post when the result is neck-and-neck.  Therefore I am breaking a long and distinguished precedent and declaring that in 2008-09 Blazersedge will have TWO official Poets Laureate.  Congratulations to TDarkstar and St. Bayno.  Prosperity to you and your pens as you share this award.  We look forward to more reflections from you throughout the coming year. 

Thanks to all who entered as well.  The poetry was amazing and the hardest part was narrowing down the initial offerings.  I'm glad we'll have another chance to do it again next year.

--Dave (