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Hoops For Change

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Last Friday, the Oregonlive Blazers Blog made note of an Obama campaign voter registration event, Hoops for Change.  The event was held tonight in NE Portland at Self Enhancement, Inc., an organization started by former hoopster and Jefferson High teacher Tony Hopson.  If you're new to SEI and its work, I recommend checking out the following profile here for a quick introduction.


Pictured, from left: Oregon State University Basketball Coach Craig Robinson, Oregon State Senator Margaret Carter, James Jones, Antonio Harvey, Channing Frye, Obama for Oregon Organizer. 

The connection between the Obama campaign and the hardwood has been made repeatedly throughout the campaign (most recently in this video).  Tonight's 3 on 3 event featured teams "coached" by James Jones and Channing Frye; the game was reffed by Obama's Brother-in-law and new OSU Coach Robinson.  The event turned out 100 or so basketball fans and community members who cheered on the mostly high school players and enjoyed some face time with two of the most likeable Blazers.


Dave asked that I keep a close eye on Channing's coaching ability. I've got to say: given his performance tonight, Channing makes a better politician than a coach. He was too busy smiling and posing with babies to escape a pretty handy defeat at the hands of James Jones' squad.  Jones, for his part, made sure Channing knew the score, taunting him good naturedly throughout the two short games. 

Here's Channing celebrating a rare 3 by his team.


The goal of the event, of course, was to encourage attendees to register to vote. There are certainly better places than a sports blog to express personal political opinions, but I also encourage you to register to vote if you haven't already. 

For some reason, however, I expect that most BEdgers express their opinions as forcefully in the voting booth as they do in their FanPosts.

We now return to your regularly scheduled broadcast.

How 'bout those Hawks? 

Josh Smith for President?

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