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The Internet is Back!

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Long live the internet!

I've spent the better part of the last two days curled up in a corner shaking uncontrollably. Someone needs to invent a methadone-like substitute for the internet that one can turn to when servers fail catastrophically. Welcome back.

Here are a few links to calm your nerves. 

Dwight Jaynes starts a campaign that I can get behind: Bill Schonely for the Hall of Fame .

Don't forget our own campaign, if you missed it in the meltdown: Honor Terry Porter .

Kerry Eggers calls Starbucks' Bluff.

Brian Hendrickson has some End-of-the-Year Blazers Stats.

Sean Meagher with a great find: Blazers Climb in Fan Satisfaction Ratings.

Casey Holdahl with the dish on Przybilla's Charge-Taking Prowess

More Casey: The "Woo Rudy Fernandez World Tour ."

Mike Barrett with more on Rudy Chasing.

A very old article (last week haha) about Nate and the Art of the Timeout.  My grandfather -- who neither likes basketball nor the internet-- still reads the WSJ daily and he took the time to cut this one out, highlight the good parts, and snail-mail it 2,500 miles to me.  Nate McMillan: bringing generations together.

Ryan White uncovered this "Get Well Soon" Card  from Darius Miles to John Canzano (who busted a knee playing pickup basketball).

Hip Hop Heads... get up on these guys, they are "Next": Paper Route Enterprises.  Check out Soul Glo (NSFW language).

Hardwood Paroxysm live-blogged the D-League championship and had this to say about Josh McRoberts:  "McRoberts is a small girl and gets up trying to get in Darvin Ham's face after a foul. Josh, little news for you. Darvin Ham is not the guy you want to mess with."

Hardwood Paroxysm also happened to hold a Basketball Blog awards contest.  The votes are in and Blazers Edge was named "Northwest Division Readers' Choice."  Big thanks from Dave and myself to everyone who voted and bigger thanks to Blazers Edge Community Organizer JTDuck22 for this FanPost that was a clarion call for action.

I'll leave you with this video, which was linked up on True Hoop a few days ago but which needs to be seen by every person on the internet as it is just too sick for words.  Please note: 1. The Boost Kick MJ gives himself halfway through his hangtime. 2. The fact that he breaks the glass with a 1 handed dunk. 3. The fact that not a shard of glass lands on him because he flies completely out of the way. 4. The fact that he frags two of the opposing team's players with the backboard glass, as if he's throwing grenades in Call of Duty. 5. How he jogs back on defense. Unreal.

Be sure to scroll down and fill out the questionaire sent over by Blazers Marketing.

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