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Helping a Brother Out

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Jacob wrote and wanted to know if he could pick our collective brains regarding the Blazers' marketing campaign for the recently-completed season.  I said sure...why not?  So here you go.  If you want to give a student a hand, fill out answers to any or all of the following in the comment section.

My name is Jacob and I am graduating from San Diego State University’s Sports Management MBA program this May.  As part of my graduate thesis I’m analyzing the Portland Trail Blazers “Rise With Us” campaign. 

Now that the season is over, please take a few minutes to complete the following survey.  Thank you in advance for your help!

1) Has the "Rise With Us" campaign engaged you and invited you to be a part of the story as it unfolds? If so how?

2) Was the “Rise With Us” theme was consistent across the platforms listed below? Why or why not?


  • TV/cable segments

  • Website

  • Signage (grain silo by the Rose Garden, ticket box office elevators, in-arena banner, etc.)

  • Print (team poster, season ticket booklets, Rip City Magazine, etc.)

  • Merchandise


3) How does the “Rise With Us” campaign compare to the NBA’s “Where Amazing Happens” campaign?

4) Did you like the documentary-like, behind-the-scenes approach?” Why or why not?


5) Do you feel that "Rise With Us" connects with values often associated with Portland such as “pioneers” and “innovators?” Why or why not?

6) Does "Rise With Us" show off the organization's pride in the entire team versus highlighting individual players? Why or why not?

7) Do you feel "Rise With Us” speaks to a young team with a bright future? Why or why not?

8) Please share any additional thoughts on the “Rise With Us” campaign.

 --Dave (