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A Statistical Review of the Season

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Here's a statistical rundown of 2007-08 as compared to 2006-07.  In the "Change" column gains are posted in green, losses in red, and anything basically neutral in terms of change or effect on the game (shots taken) remains in black.


Wins--  This Season: 41  Last Season:  32  Change:  +9

Points Scored--  This Season:  95.4   Last Season: 94.1  Change:  +1.3

Points Allowed--  This Season: 96.3  Last Season: 98.4  Change:  -2.1

Point Differential-- This Season: -1.0  Last Season: -4.3  Change:  +3.3

Field Goal Percentage--  This Season: 44.8%  Last Season:  45.0%  Change:  -0.2%

Opponents’ Field Goal Percentage--  This Season:  45.1%  Last Season: 47.1% Change: -2.0%

Three Point Percentage--  This Season: 37.8%  Last Season: 34.6%  Change:  +3.2%

Free Throw Percentage--  This Season: 76.7%  Last Season: 76.9% Change:  -0.2%

Shots Taken--  This Season: 79.8  Last Season:  78.0  Change:  +1.8

Offensive Rebounds--  This Season:  11.0  Last Season:  11.3  Change:  -0.3

Defensive Rebounds-- This Season: 29.7  Last Season: 28.0  Change: +1.7 

Overall Rebounds-- This Season: 40.7  Last Season:  39.3 Change:  +1.4

Rebounding Differential-- This Season:  -1.0  Last Season: +0.3 Change:  -1.3

Assists-- This Season: 21.1  Last Season: 18.5  Change:  +2.6

Steals-- This Season:  5.6  Last Season: 6.8 Change: -1.2

Blocks-- This Season: 4.4  Last Season: 4.6  Change:  -0.2

Turnovers-- This Season:  12.1  Last Season: 14.3 Change:  -2.2

Turnovers Forced-- This Season:  12.1 Last Season: 13.3  Change:  -1.2

Assists-to-Turnover Ratio--  This Season: 1.74  Last Season: 1.29 Change:  +0.45


Even a cursory look shows our gains were mammoth compared to relatively minor losses.  The biggest number was the 9 extra wins.  The +3.3 in point differential, reflecting the growth in offensive and defensive effectiveness, was also huge.  The gains in assists, turnovers, and assist-to-turnover ratio were large, as was the gain in three point percentage.


The losses came in rebounding differential and steals, neither of which should be a surprise to anyone who watched the team.  We didn’t force turnovers and we didn’t do a great job keeping opponents off of the offensive glass.  Those are areas to work on.


Though we’ve repeated it often it bears mentioning again:  this all happened after trading away our primary option and having the guy who was going to replace him go down for the season without playing a single game.  The significant additions to the roster were Steve Blake, Channing Frye, and James Jones.  In other words, in terms of overall talent (counting players, not player development) we were no farther ahead than we were last season.  Perhaps we were behind.  This happened because:


A.  Our players grew.


B.  Our team played together.


C.  The coaching staff gave the team the tools and plan needed to succeed to this level.



The negatives of the season come largely under the heading of individual performances, which we will discuss on a player-by-player basis in the coming days.  The general negatives have to do with known weaknesses, such as:


--Even though we had a regular starting lineup, we played them fewer minutes than all but four teams in the league.  They generated fewer points than any starters outside of San Antonio and Chicago.  They were among the worst rebounding lineups in the league and generated few steals.  They ended up with a negative plus-minus.


--Our bench reversed many of these trends, playing more minutes, scoring, and rebounding more than most.  They also ended up with a negative plus-minus however.


--We dominated the shooting guard position and had a decent advantage at power forward but had clear disadvantages at center and small forward and got absolutely toasted at point guard.


When you step back and look at it with some perspective this season was an unqualified success.  In fact it was, as the kids say, Da Bomb.  Anything else is not seeing the forest for the trees.


What are your thoughts on the season?  Share them below.


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