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"FanPost" of the Week

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It's that time once again... Diary  "FanPost" of the Week time.  Without the day-to-day machinations of the team to follow, the FanPosts seem to have turned quickly to the draft and free agency.  If you squint, you can see the turnstiles spinning with our dream point guards coming through the door and our castaways being jettisoned for less green (brown?) pastures.

Head bops to Portland Dynasty and raging WebTed for those well-researched FanPosts, but this week's winner is Jorga, for asking a simple (but layered) question: If you were Monty Williams, would you take the New York Knicks job?

The immediate impulse is, of course, to scream NO! and try to erase any visual image of Eddy Curry that might have crossed your mind during the .2 seconds you were considering the offer.  However, Monty's personal ties to the Knicks, the Mecca, the new management, and, of course, the salary bump and prestige bump that would come with that kind of opportunity would definitely give me pause.  The reduced expectations set by the King of Lowering Expectations, Isiah Thomas, would also factor into my decision.  If I'm Monty Williams, I'm leaning towards taking the job if offered.  How 'bout you?

Get on over to Jorga's FanPost and make your feelings known.

Here's a great shot of Jorga celebrating her victory.


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