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Gameday Open Thread: Blazers vs. L*kers

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Here we go again!  Don't forget this is a 7:30 p.m. start.  (No truth to the rumor that they told the Staples Center crowd it was 7:00 so they'd show up on time for once.)

Even short-handed and facing the very real prospect of getting crushed there's still nothing quite like Blazers vs. L*kers.  If we lose tonight I guess it's more grist for the mill when they have to play us once more at our place in a few days.  If we!

Dazzle us with all of your pre-, in-, and post-game observations and enjoy the game!

--Dave (

P.S. Only the playoff participants can enter the contest but for those who'd like to play at home, here are the questions for this game (besides final score, of course):

1. Which Blazer shoots the highest TWO-POINT field goal percentage?
2. Which team wins the opening tip?
3. Who is the second-leading scorer in this game?
4. How many free throws do the L*kers attempt?


A reader who wishes to remain anonymous has written me and said that he loves the Hoss Picker feature of the playoffs so much that he's throwing in a JERSEY for the winner of the Hoss Picking contest! So the prize is no longer just a t-shirt! If you haven't already, scroll down and make your pick for the winner of our Grand Prize Jersey Contest Playoffs! The DEADLINE for picking your Hoss has been extended to midnight tonight. I will not post the Jersey Contest scores until after that.