A Trade For Rose


Here is the trade that I could find that will bring Rose home to the rose city.  And let's say Miami gets the# 2 pick, they would probably take Michael Beasley if they got #1.  I think they could get more for the pick at than rose; they need about everything and might not want another dominant guard that can't shoot well.  Assuming the team that gets #1 doesn't take him, here is the trade. 



We do this because ....of Derrick Rose who is the best point guard prospect since CP3 & DW.   We would be giving up Jack, who will be gone anyway and especially if Rudy comes over like it is hoped.  It would be tough to get rid of Blake an Pryzbilla, but with Oden and Rose stepping into those positions all we would need are good backups.  Which we would get for the most part.  We would be a little shallow at the point behind Rose with Banks and Rodriguez, but Roy/Fernandez could give it a shot.  With Fernandez we would have no problem backing up Roy, and if Webster can continue to develop into what we need at the three the departure of Outlaw won't be as bad.   I don't really see Outlaw as being part of the long term future anyways.   We would receive Haslem from Miami who could be a good backup behind Aldridge, and could be a decent rebounder, he average 10 points and 8 rebounds when they were good and won the championship.  And Frye and Blount could back up Oden, especially if Frye continues to contribute.

Rose-              Banks- Rodriguez
Roy-                Fernandez- Hassell
Webster-         Jones???
Aldridge-        Haslem- Frye-
Oden-              Frye- Blount

New Jersey would do this because they have fallen out of the playoffs in the uncompetitive East, and they defiantly need some change.
They would get Raef's expiring contract in order to rebuild, and I remember that they were interested in Outlaw during the Jason Kidd trade.  New Jersey accepting this trade might be the only problem, but we could add money and picks.  

Miami would do this trade because they are looking for more experience, and all around help.  Jefferson, Blake and Pryzbilla would defiantly fill their needs.  As I said before they would not want another dominant guard who cannot shoot the ball and whos game is very similar to Dwayne Wade

Miami would have a pretty killer lineup of:  
Marion, ---- if he doesn't opt out

And we could throw in our # 13 pick, future picks, and our unlimited supply of money and second round picks where it is needed.  

P.S. and the key to finding another trade that might work better is finding a good player who might be unhappy or in a bad situation, or a team that is in desperation mode:  Memphis and the Pau Gasol trade.

And to wrap it up all of this only works only if Rose is good enough.

.. It is easier to find good backups than a starting point guard, especially if you are already a championship contender and can get those veterans who never were able to get aring.