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How about this snazzy new site, eh?  Switching layouts is like buying a new leather recliner-- it's all about the acclimation process. I’m starting to get pretty-pretty-pretty comfortable. 


Before we get to the links, a quick follow-on Tuesday’s Memphis game.  Did you know:

-- Rudy Gay’s Mom is named Rae Gay.

-- Darko’s mom is named Zora.

-- Brian Cardinal’s nickname was “the custodian” as a rookie.


All true facts courtesy of the Memphis Grizzlies Media Guide. 


What a win it was Tuesday night and, in case you missed it, check out the quality content that the last home game of the year inspired:


-- Ryan White describes Jarrett Jack’s ridiculous outfit in the locker room postgame.

-- Sean at the Blazers Blog has video of Travis's twin tyrannosaurus dunks.

--  Read Nate’s postgame comments (transcription by Joe Freeman) or watch the video (taken by Mr. Steady Elbows himself, Casey Holdahl).


As for last night’s game, I hope you enjoyed the live blog experience with Bright Side of the Sun If you participated, please drop any feedback you had in the comments so we can pass it along to our hosts for future use.  Much appreciated.


Now, read the rest of these links while you’re still trying to figure out what… in … the… heck… is going on with Dave’s profile. 


-- The Portland Tribune’s Kerry Eggers on Brandon’s pouty commentsWater under the bridge?

-- The Portland Mercury’s Ezra Caraeff opines on the end of Darius Miles. 

-- Ezra also took some shots at Blaze the Trail Cat recently.

-- The Oregonian's Ryan White with an awesome D Miles quote.

-- HoopsWorld's Wendell Maxey with a report on Channing Frye's Future.


And, as a prelude to the Blazer’s Edge Season in Review, here’s a few:


-- Oregonian’s Season in Review.

-- HoopsWorld’s Season in Review.

-- The beginning of the You Be The GM series over at the Blazers Blog.  The first victim: Sergio Rodriguez.


Be on the lookout for Blazers Edge contributions to the You Be The GM series in the near future.