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Jersey Contest Finale

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Wow...this was amazing.  Here are the results from the final game of the season...and hold onto your hats.

Final Score:  Blazers 91,  Suns 100

How many quarters will the Blazers win?  1

Who will score the final points of the season?  Travis Outlaw

How will they be scored?  Free throw

What will be the combined Points+ Rebounds+ Assists+ Blocks of Amare Stoudemire?  15

Which team attempts more shots?  Blazers

Who scores more points, Roy or Nash?  Roy

Who wins the opening tip?  Suns

Fatwansaboni scored 92 points, second only to Lizzy Lowblow for the whole game.  That leaves his cumulative score for the final round at 150.

CBASS scored 72 points himself, which gives him a total of...154.

CBASS is our Grand Prize Winner for 2007-2008 and is hereby declared the Poobah of Prognostication at Blazersedge for the coming year!  Congratulations to both of our finalists.  I think you'll agree they really showed their worth in two incredibly tough to predict games.

If you want to see how you did you can check the Game Scoreboard.

 --Dave (

P.S.  Oh yeah...what did he win?  His choice of one of the following:

A full on Gill Superfan Jacket + a Hat  OR
Any Swingman Jersey of his choice  OR
Any replica Jersey of his choice + a Hat  OR
A dream Hoodie sweatshirt


A suite of t-shirts, including the Blazersedge Oden and official Nike Aldridge and Roy
A Greg Oden bobblehead
A set of nifty random college-reject CD's courtesy of Rockingharder from his DJ days
A box of chocolate-covered Macadamia nuts courtesy of TominHawaii
An original poem from Blazersedge Poet Laureate Dr. Dave
A couple tidbits from Jorga better left unexplained...
The adulation and adoration of millions of Blazersedge readers!

Congratulations again CBASS!

P.P.S.  Three people picked CBASS as their Hoss:  RoysOurBoy, RipCity2008, and Cethlion.  By random determination the winner of a replica jersey as the best Hoss-picker is...RoysOurBoy.