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Jersey Contest Results

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Here are the results from tonight's game:

 Final Score:  Blazers 113,  Grizzlies 91

Who scores more:  Roy, Gay, or LMA?  Roy or Gay with 16 each
How many points will the Blazer bench score?  40
Which Blazer commits the most personal fouls?  LMA (6)
What's the combined Pts+Rebs+Assts of Travis Outlaw?  19
Which team has more offensive rebounds?  Grizzlies

The finalists:  CBASS  82  Fatwansaboni  58

I was going to give major props to whoever scored highest but as it turns out that was CBASS himself.  Go figure.

One game to go to decide it all.  Will Fatwan have to take a chance to pull out the come-from-behind victory?  And who will will Almart's drawings?  Stay tuned...


--Dave (