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Game Recap: Blazers 113, Grizzlies 91

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Well, I swore to myself that on the day the Blazers reached the .500 mark for the season once again this blog would get a major overhaul.  And by gum we did it!  (Just kidding, of course.  This was long in the planning.  If you haven't already, scroll down to see the introductory note from Trei which explains exactly what;'s going on.)

As for tonight's game, let's forget everything we normally do.  This wasn't a night for analysis.  This was a night for celebration of another victory in a season well-played.  There were a ton of magic moments tonight, including:

--Those two naughty-but-glorious reverse alley-oops between Sergio and Travis to close the fourth quarter.

--The marvelous standing ovations for all of the players as they exited in the fourth, which continued until after the game for the whole team.

--Seven players scoring in double figures.

--James Jones hitting 6 of 7 threes and Channing Frye hitting 8 of 10 overall shots.

--Mike Rice grilling Kevin Pritchard on camera about which point guard he wanted to keep, who his draft pick would be, and which players got the most interest in trades.

--Kevin Pritchard threatening to trade the entire broadcast crew for a second-round pick.

--The general feeling that Blazermania was back.

I'm going to leave the recap at that and just allow you to celebrate with the rest of the home crowd.  You have to love moments like this.  It's been a long time coming.

--Dave (