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The Impending Off-Season

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Since the off-season is nearly upon us again we should pause for a second and look forward to what's happening at Blazersedge during the summer months.

Those of you who have been with us before know that the conversation continues unabated, and often enhanced, through the off-season.  Most of the major NBA and Blazer sources do a good job of recapping the season past but then they fade off into vacation or other coverage.  We don't.  In fact we never quit.  Six days a week, every week of the off-season, you will find new posts here.  Freed from the need to do constant game previews and recaps we explore the more philosophical, speculative, esoteric, historical and sometimes downright amusing aspects of the game.  I daresay that nobody does this better than we do.  We shine plenty during the season, but we're a neon lighthouse during the summer.  So don't despair...your chance to talk Blazers won't end just because the games do.  There is a LOT of stuff to recap and even more to look forward to.

Thursday morning you're going to get a recap of the final game of the season and the announcement of the Jersey Contest Grand Prize Winner who will take Fromagnon's place as the Poobah of Prognostication at Blazersedge.

Friday morning you'll get my recap of the season as a whole in broad strokes plus the invitation to the Second Annual Blazersedge Poet Laureate Crowning, marking the beginning of the end of Dr. Dave's tenure as BE Poet Laureate and the advent of a new Master of Verse to take us through the next season.

Beginning next Monday we'll do player-by-player evaluations including a detailed recap of their season, opinions on their progress, salary/contract information, and prospects for next year and beyond.

And all of that is just in the first couple of weeks.  We'll have lottery and draft coverage, Summer League talk, Olympics coverage in August, and all kinds of goofiness to speed us through the dog days of summer.

Of course this is also the chance for YOU to shine and weigh in on all of these topics.  In the absence of concrete games honing our opinions night after night one person's thoughts become nearly as good as another's.  We highly encourage creative thinking around here too!  

I look forward to spending the summer with you.  Enjoy the last couple of contests in 2007-08!

--Dave (