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Diary of the Week

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First, some links:

-- Remember when Damon got busted with the weed wrapped in tin foil in the airport?  The charges were dropped. The power of an attorney.
-- Highly recommended reading.  Thanks to Caleb over at the Trailblazers Game-Time Blog for the heads up.
-- Brian Hendrickson on LaMarcus Aldridge's Most Improved Player prospects.
-- Wendell Maxey on Travis Outlaw's Development.
-- More Maxey on The Sonics' last(?) home game.
-- Mike Barrett with his Mavericks Game Wrap.
-- Casey cranks up the multimedia with his Mavericks postgame report.
-- The Hoop Summit Game Recap from USA Basketball.

Now, this week's Diary of the Week was a runaway no-brainer: tominhawaii's Racism and the NBA."

Posted in that diary by commenter BlazersOrBust was an article he wrote for the Tufts Daily on a similar topic.   Check it out here.

Congratulations to tominhawaii.  I found this picture of him celebrating his achievement.

--Ben (