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Jersey Contest Results

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Hey folks, I had to work well past midnight tonight at my daytime gig and I've only had a chance to watch the first half, so I'm going to let Ben's Media Row Report tell the story tonight.  The big observation I had early is hardly startling:  we came out with drive and focus.  We set more really good picks in the first five minutes of this game than we did all last night against Sacramento.  We're a much better team when we're helping each other instead of just watching each other.  Maybe I'll have more after I watch the end of the game Sunday.

I did want to get the Jersey Contest Scores up.  Here are the results:

Final Score:  Blazers 108  Mavericks 105
Which Blazer hits the most three-pointers?--Steve Blake or Brandon Roy
What field goal percentage will the Blazers shoot?--59% (Yikes!)
Who scores the final Blazer points of the game?--Jarrett Jack
How many combined points and rebounds will Channing Frye have?--25
Will Dirk Nowitzki score over or under 23.5 points?--Over
Which team attempts more field goals?--Mavericks

Results for this game:

fatwansaboni 45
cbass 34
MavetheGreat 30
nostradamus 30

Final Bracket Results:

Fatwansaboni  68  vs.  MavetheGreat  63

Nostradamus 58  vs. CBASS  71

So the Jersey Contest Final will be Fatwansaboni vs. CBASS!  Congratulations to those two and all who picked them as their hosses!

--Dave (