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Jersey Contest Playoff Results

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Here are the results from the Sacramento game.  You'll notice that the form has more questions to challenge our playoff participants.  Unfortunately nobody scored too high this game.  The current round ends with the Dallas contest tonight.  After that there will be two competitors remaining!

Game Results
Final Score:  Blazers 86,  Kings 103
Which Blazer commits the most turnovers?--Steve Blake
How many shots will the Blazers attempt?--85
Which Blazer shoots the highest field goal percentage?--Jarrett Jack
How many offensive rebounds will the Blazers have?--17
Who is the second-leading scorer in this game?--Travis Outlaw or John Salmons (someone else)
Which is greater, Ron Artest's points or Jarrett Jack's minutes?--Jack's Minutes


Fatwansaboni  23  vs.  MavetheGreat  33

Nostradamus 28  vs.  CBASS  37

--Dave (