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In case you haven't noticed, Ben's been really busy writing stuff this week.  To give him a hand I'm going to step in with a couple short, standard links.  He's the impresario of unusual stuff so you'll have to wait if you want to get fancy.  But here's your basic KFC-type review of what's going on.  

Kerry Eggers discusses Channing Frye, The Foul, and for whom our Blazers are voting this fall.  This is a switch.  Not too long ago your expected responses to a voting question would have been:

A.  You mean on American Idol, right?


B. Sorry, I'm too young to vote.

Dwight Jaynes tells us Blazers-L*kers will get better with time.

In addition to Ben's coverage below, Casey "I drop multimedia coverage on y'all like it was greased ball bearings" Holdahl also has coverage of the Nike Hoops Summit as does Sean Meagher at Oregonlive.

I betcha Mike Barrett posts something or other today.  If he doesn't, I'll cut my hair in a Fauxhawk.

--Dave (