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I Like Dreamin'

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Alas, friends, I fear it will not be long before we hear the news that the Blazers have officially been eliminated from playoff contention for the year.  But being a true fan and a warm-and-fuzzy kind of guy I prefer not to concentrate on that.  I'd rather spend a little time looking forward...dreamily, with big goo-goo eyes and a silly smile upon my face.  Yes, today I want to look forward to that time when not only are we NOT eliminated from the playoffs before they begin, but we actually go all...the...way.

Today's task is simple.  I want you to set up the NBA Finals moment of your dreams.  And YOU are in the play-by-play chair calling the action.  I want the history, the set-up, the call, and your reaction afterwards.  You can field whatever Blazer players suit your fancy or your predicting skills along with whichever opponent you choose (Eastern Conference, of course, unless you think the NBA will re-do the playoff format sometime in the next decade).  

Remember we're not talking about this year's playoffs or this year's team.  That would be wholly imaginary, probably somewhat disrespectful to the teams that actually are going to make it, and would come across kind of sad.  No sadness or harsh reality here...this is the future of your dreams, up to and including your dream job of being behind the mic for this historic call.  Go for it!

To prime the pump I will give you mine:

It all comes down to this, fans.  They defeated the Denver Nuggets in the first round.  They stunned the favored Los Angeles Lakers in the second round.  They barely squeaked by the Utah Jazz in the Western Conference finals.  And now the young Portland Trail Blazers again find themselves on the brink.  This is game seven.  There are no tomorrows.  28.1 seconds left, Portland is down by 1, 103-102, but the Cavaliers have the ball.  As they come out of the huddle we'll see what moves Nate McMillan has made.  Martell Webster, whose go-ahead jumper just rattled in and out, has been replaced looks like Travis Outlaw.  That's a huge lineup out there for Portland:  Roy, Fernandez, Outlaw, Aldridge, and Oden.  But just as huge looms the shadow of the King...LeBron James.  Cleveland cannot run out the clock.  Will Portland foul to regain possession?  It's certain that they'll try to deny the ball to...well, so much for that!  LeBron James sneaks away from the Portland defense to receive the inbounds pass.  A serious breakdown there!  Now James has it halfway to midcourt, dribbling the clock down as Brandon Roy watches.  It appears Portland has decided to defend and get the last shot.  James into action now, angling towards the hoop. Roy is staying with Outlaw comes to double.  Pass in the corner to Daniel Gibson...OH, he gets Rudy Fernandez up in the air!  He blows by on the drive BUT LAMARCUS ALDRIDGE COMES FROM BEHIND AND SWATS THE SHOT AWAY!!!  Fernandez has it, five seconds to go now!  They've got to hurry!  He drives down the court, ducks under the defender, pass to Roy on the left wing.  He shoots...

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!  THE SHOT IS GOOD!  IT'S GOOOOOD!!!  THE PORTLAND TRAIL BLAZERS ARE THE WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!  And look at them mobbing Brandon Roy!  This crowd is going crazy!  They can barely keep them in their seats!  Brandon Roy is SOMEWHERE under that pile of players!  There he is!  He's standing up now!  His hand is in the air, clenched in victory!  The whole team is jumping up and down as they make their way off the court.  And this building is SHAKING!!!  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?  I have to pinch myself!!!  The Larry O'Brien Trophy is coming BACK to the Rose City!  Go ahead and celebrate, Blazer fans!  You deserve it!

That's my try anyway.  How about you?

--Dave (