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Ray Felton Follow-Up

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It looks like I struck a chord with this post about imagining Charlotte's Raymond Felton as the point guard of the Blazers' future.  Aside from your many comments on both sides of the issue, I got this email from Wendell Maxey over at HoopsWorld.

Felton is always going to be compared to guys like Deron Williams and Chris Paul because he was picked right after them in 2005. That argument doesn't hold weight....both Utah and New Orleans made major moves [to support their PGs].

The Boozer and Chandler deals, respectively.

What has Jordan done? I love the Richardson deal...but Nazr Mohammed for Primo Brezec's expiring contract? that's an Isiah Thomas trade. But if you look at Ray's numbers, he's having a solid season...even better career numbers than Bogut and Williams who were picked one and two that year.

So, from that reading, it seems like Wendell's on board with my idea, right?


If your sales pitch to KP is going to work, he'd better work some quick magic.

Wendell predicts Charlotte will lock Felton up big time this summer, rendering this whole discussion moot.  Read about Felton's contract situation and his thoughts after last Saturday's game over here.

Meanwhile, I predict another 3 months of point guard debates in the diaries.