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Some of these are a day or two old. Better late than never, in case you missed them:

Freeman Talks Physicality

Jaynes Talks Re-structering the Playoff Seeding System

Eggers Talks Bill Bayno... saw this one first in Leeroy's Diary.

Wendell Maxey Talks Big Man Strategy with Coach Nate... I sat in on this discussion before the Suns game last week.  It's clear that Nate recognizes some clear, fundamental differences in coaching philosophy between himself and his team USA counterpart, Coach D'Antoni. This shows that smart people can civilly agree to disagree on basketball matters.  Once again, something all us of can learn from Coach Nate.

Last but not least:

Joe Freeman Talks Rudy, Quotes Dave!  This one was pointed out in Damir's Diary.

And, to continue on the Rudy Fernandez kick, I've dug up a few lesser-viewed highlight films on Youtube.

  1.  Rudy unveils the full arsenal.
  2.  Rudy cuts down the nets and is carried off the court on his teammate's shoulders.  Certainly, this is foreshadowing of things to come.
Need to catch up to speed on your Rudy highlight viewing?  Start Here.

My favorite thing about Rudy, right now, is that the back of his jersey says "Rudy," just like soccer players often have "Fred" or "Ronaldo."  Rest assured, the back of my Jersey says "Ben."

--Ben (