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Swearing is NOT ALLOWED in the Gameday thread.  Inviting a deity to block a river with a power-generating structure is swearing.  Talking about bovine excrement is swearing.  Abbreviated swearing with only some letters blocked out is swearing.  We've been over this before.  It doesn't matter how bad you think the refs were.  They're bad every game.  This is a non-swearing site...every game and in every thread.  

I always enjoy reading the Gameday threads eventually, but having to freakin' go back because I'm freakin' forced to freakin' read through 400-1000 comments to freakin' delete anything that's not representative of this site when I already have a couple freakin' hours of freakin' work to do here before I can freakin' go play with my 3-month-old kid and get some freakin' sleep makes me freakin' angry.  And I guarantee that lasts with me longer than the ref-bitterness lasts with you.  Capiche?

--Dave (